Prof. Dommasch

Prof. Dr. med Dierk Dommasch, früherer Chefarzt der Neurologischen Klinik in Bethel, ist seit Sommer 2009 gemeinsam mit Frau Dr. Angela Schacker in der Praxis tätig.

Telefon: 05 21 – 3 29 48 00

Email: dommasch (at)












Drs. Angela Schacker and Dierk Dommasch see private patients at their clinic in the city of Bielefeld, in the North West of Germany. Both are former consultants of the Bethel Department of Clinical Neurology at Bielefeld and have a broad experience in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. All required modern diagnostic tests are available at their clinic and there is a close cooperation with radiologists/neuroradiologists performing brain and spinal scans (MRI, CT) on demand.

From the very beginning of their work in this clinic they were happy to see patients also from abroad, from neighbouring countries (The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Poland etc.) and from other European and non-European regions (Russia and the Baltic States, Mediterranean countries, the Near East).

“ENGLISH is their working language”, as most of their continuous medical education (journals, attendance at international meetings, e.g. in the United States) is exclusively obtained in English. As clinicians at the local Bethel Department of Clinical Neurology they have for many years been serving a large number of British patients and also patients from various other English speaking countries in the hospital as well as in the Neurology clinic of a special outpatient department which the Bethel hospital organized in a British-German cooperation. Now, at their own clinic, they are still happy to welcome patients from other countries.

Phone: (for additional information and appointments): +49 521 329 4800

Email: schacker (at), dommasch (at)

Dr. Angela Schacker, Privatpraxis für Neurologie, Wertherstr. 426, D-33619 Bielefeld, Germany